Tuesday, November 08, 2005

CHILDBEARING HIPSter dies. Girl's Gone Child is born.

I know I just posted yesterday asking for insight into new name but I got antsy and started a new site after a few hours of waiting and not wanting to wait anymore. Please redirect all bookmarks, links, etc to Girl's Gone Child. Same site, different name.

You will be happy to know that I did a bit of research before the re-naming and found that there are no other Girls Gone Child. Wooohooo!!!! Apologies to the OG Childbearing Hipster and see ya on the flipside, my peeps.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Voting in a New Name

The CBH is undergoing renovation. Already!? Yes, already. Stupidly, when I launched the site, I did not search for other potential Childbearing Hipsters blogging away on the net (of which there is another) and now I am changing my name to avoid, controversy, confusion and stand-in status. Please help.

These are the candidates:

1. Cribside Service
2. The Rawking Chair
2. Crib your Enthusiasm
4. Son of a Bitch
5. Swingers
7. Baby's Got Bec
8. Lost in Urbabia.
9. Live Fast, Diaper Young
10. Sunset Poolavard
11. Live from the Stroller Derby
12. The Real Cribz
13. Bjorn to Blog
14. Twenty momthings
15. Hipsterectomy
16. Walk and Roll
17. Rock and Stroll
18. EMOmmy
20. Girl Gone Child

I am also open to constructive criticism, i.e, please tell me if you think all of these totally suck.

(soon to be, the blogger formally known as CBH)

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